What's going on in the ring

I know it's been a little quiet in here.

I'll be totally transparent with you. The recent hit on BTC and no sustained investment in the project has me discouraged. As I've said I don't quit, mama didn't raise a punk or a quitter. So I have gone back to the drawing board to spin my wheels as to what the project can offer to garner your interest and buy in.

We are a fighting coin, so our dukes are up, standing fast and ready. I've been kicking around an idea regarding leveraging Glov to assist those who need assistance paying for medications here in the states as private bullshit insurance determines if you live or die. But since it's only the States that has this problem, I'm not sure it will fly as "The Fight" needs to be Global, unless it can be multifights which is something I've been looking at. Yet the main issue is, our project needs to be generating revenue to continue the processes and build the donation avenues.

I'm sure there are great ideas out there in how to donate, but being honest, that's steered towards having money to give. How can we begin to donate if what we have is dire straits financially? Time? Ok how do we convert that to monetary? At work my employer takes a day of work and uses that 8 hour day every month to donate on my behalf. That's a great idea but crypto, especially currently, no one is getting paid.

So it begs the question what can the project offer you to gain your investment in Glov, CryptoFightClub? Thoughts?

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