The coin that represents the fighter in all of us!



Our Story

Stemmed from an idea after seeing and acquiring many new coins, we decided to research and learn the difficulties associated with creating a new currency.  Little by little we gained traction with support from our community, assistance from multiple developers, faucet owners, web designers, users, we aggregated and came together to create GLOV Coin. As our community grows, our support for this project does as well. It derives from our belief in the project and what it can offer to everyone.​

Our Vision

​We all go through struggles and obstacles that prevent us from reaching our goals and potentials. From advancing at work, to the next level just like in a game, from coordinating like minded individuals in one purpose, to ensuring all your family is taught to have meaningful ideals to survive in the world. As well as defeating that Boss level in a game paralleled like defeating the demons in our lives, this coin represents that struggle. It grows as you reach milestones and assists in the global adoption of digital currency.  Ensuring a decentralized, but full value coin that may be utilized in all facets of trade for goods and services. 

Our Technology

Ticker: GLOV
Algorithm: Scrypt
Type: POS
Maximum Coin Supply: 4.6 million
Premine: 900,000
Block time: 3 Minutes

POS Percentage: 85%

Minimum POS Age: 8 Hours

Transaction Fee: 0.0001 GLOV

Maturity: 30 Blocks

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