Tip Zombies

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Giving out coins, raining and bounties does nothing for the projects, but bring in leachers and people who don't care about all the work it takes to build the endeavour. What they care about is, getting something to trade or dump, that they didn't have to buy, which leads to inflation and unnecessary stress to relieve that perceived undervalue.

We as coiners, creators, developers, that actually care and don't have nefarious intent, stress about giving value for the project. Creating a use case and building something tangible, innovating either how to do something better or how to accomplish something that's difficult to task and implement.

Tipping, raining, soaking, bounties and the other miscellaneous innovations to get attention have become, in my opinion, rather frustrating. Now don't get me wrong, we do need marketing and freebies to bring attention to our projects as well as an occasional boost. But solely raining away your whole budget to keep the community's attention is kind of insane. We are rewarding them for doing nothing but saying hi, I'm here, what?, yo, entering random numbers, letters, combo of both, different languages, memes and emoji, really? The attitude of I'm a potential investor has blinded us to the reality that these entities are out to just get free money that we are giving away.

Thier preconceived notion is why should I invest? These not to bright developers and marketers are giving away thier coins. We wait and we'll have enough to dump.

And those are the freaking Tip Zombies!

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