Shuttle and Rock are being delisted from Pandabot

Hello our beloved community, I apologize for Panda Dev delisting our e-assets Rocket and Shuttle. We were discussing possibilities as to what to do to ensure your satisfaction that i did mention swap. Unfortunately, we are no where near ready as there is no new coin made currently. I am irritated with Panda Dev for prematurely pulling the trigger and forcing me into a corner. But hey, he's not making anything by hosting our assets, so I understand. With this being said, if anyone has a functioning wallet and know how, please create a bootstrap and addnodes post, so those of us who need to create a wallet quickly can. I'm in this boat too as I don't have a wallet running or even attempted to have one until now. So the plan currently is remove your Rocket and Shuttle e-assets off Panda, hodl and stake while we negotiate with a dev to create a new coin. Please keep in mind once we get to the point of swapping, we will be swapping out two coins for one and supply will not be as abundant as previous iterations of it. Astra TR3B is coming. We are just making sure things are leveraged for success and satisfaction. Thank you for your Acceptance, Support, Trust, Resilience, and Allegiance -ASTRA --Pharaoh

Two staking pools are open now. ROCK And SHUT are being hosted at Coin Zone.

Please DM @❤SRoyce❤ if you would like to join.

Both Pharaoh and Morty(databash) are working on the best possible plan to move forward. Stand fast and stay tuned.

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