Latest on CFC Communities improvements

The latest pull from Blockfolio has given us some important metric information regarding our efforts in our coin. I know we can do better and encourage you to join us on our website as we reward for posts and activity.

On Discord, we have implemented a ticketing system to assist you when there are questions or you wish to suggest something.

We decided to prefix ticket creation ra- as an abbreviation to request assistance. 😁👍

To create a ticket in our Discord go to #cfc-main-chat and use the following as an example. Type: 👉 ra-new (add your reason for requesting assistance)

The ticket is then created there. The ticket entry is then placed at the bottom with it's corresponding number as well as a separate room for transcripts and logs. Only support can see and respond as we as whoever created the request assistance.

We've done this to ensure anyone who has a question or comment is addressed in a timely manner and only those assigned should answer tickets.

Thank You,

I hope this service makes things easier for our community.

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