In Crypto you have to be Defiant!

Disheartening, Discouraging, Demotivation and sheer Desperation tries to surround those of us who stand our ground in Defiance!

A friend asked me, isn't the "Crypto" thing now bust and over?

I responded it isn't and for anything to be worth it, you must grind. In crypto there is a good amount of grinding without reward. There are times you invest over 8 to 10 hours a day being available and putting out fires.

Any time there's a change in code, you have to update wallets, tipbots and of course websites. Not to mention disseminate via social media and the offline sources you may have implemented.

With this being said, you will have members of both your core team, if you are smart you'll have one, as well as community members leave either disheartened or discouraged and even mad at you.

Their discontent is that they have put in all this time and effort even a good amount of money without anything appearing to bear fruit. While you can understand, (which I certainly do) you hoped that when they joined you, they knew what to expect. This endeavor is not an established corporation with money. No one is getting paid unless the project takes off and there are investors, but even with that you must take what is allocated to you and reinvest in the project. There is always something needing attention.

If your a team player and truly believe in a project and it's direction, then there shouldn't be any debate. Unfortunately, what tends to happen is a partial belief in the project. Meaning there is a small investment in time, money and effort with the expectation of doubled or higher of the financial investment. When it doesn't happen because of either the market or mismanagement, resentment fills the hole. At this point that member cuts their losses and abandons the project sometimes not telling anyone or giving reason.

Here at CryptoFightClub we have had our share. Many have come when things are going good, but as soon as it looked bleak and we had to repair what was broken, boom people split. No money coming in and the e-asset not being traded as well as expected to compensate all our hodlers drove even close members to split. Not to mention the continuous dealing with the dumpamentals who do not have the want or desire to change the mindset. (Want to learn more about what a Dumpamental is go here: )

Well we who are left, still believe in what our project is capable of. At over a year going now and closer to two. Our main goal is establishing an over all community and full use scenario for Glove Coin with our other projects. The goal as in many who create and promote coins is to have multi-uses for the e-asset, but I dare not say the next bitcoin or litecoin, I mean an e-asset that has value you trade for goods and services, you hold it for savings, and you grow it. Yet, at each stage it represents your struggle and parallels the struggle of the e-asset in this wild west type of time in being established. With volume and value in exchanges including hodlers holding, it can align as a foundation coin to help other entrepreneurs and their projects. At the same time be that foundation to help in the adaptation, utilization and implementation of crypto as a true currency, an everyday currency.

To our communities, know that myself and your core team are DEFIANT!

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