Frustrations with projects

From a conversation I had in our affiliate discord server community Global Green Coin which is my other project.

I was asked why volume and value are not growing or establishing for GGN? I had to explain what is happening currently in the crypto industry and how it affects our projects. Giving a little history of our main project lead me to explain regarding both projects and gave me clarity regarding GGN and what we are working on accomplishing. I'll start with CFC background.

Taken from the conversation:

CFC was a swap after learning of embedded code to siphon coins by the original creator of the digital e-asset. Swapping, and getting control of seed, dns nodes with updated code fixed that vulnerability and stabilized the coin.

As for GGN, I need to find personnel that can help, a new team, as the team is focused on CFC, this way there is focus on GGN only and not diversified. I have learned that there needs to be one team for each project, spreading the team out into more than one causes frustration.

Our ideas for GGN are sound and possible, but with no investment or buy-in from the community, we are at a holding point. Even with reduced number of coin it will be at a stand still. CFC is currently going through this, actually all coin projects are going through this.

GGN needs currently a dedicated developer, I mean a true coin developer that will keep up with the progress of the tech and will apply updates. Not just create the coin and be like pulling teeth to get 'em to do anything, or be held hostage for a ridiculous amount of payment to do something like update the code they used to create the coin after having received payment initially for the creation of it or bail when the going gets hot.

We need dedicated marketers who believe in the technology and can influence others as I do and try all the time. These marketers need to have proven track records and a huge social media following. Not be all bullshit with no action or follow through.

Investors are needed as well, but ones who are smart and want to be part of the journey. Knowing the risks involved that roi may not be immediate or at all, but may bear fruit in the future or via developing new tech and ideas along the way.

We need green energy experts to align our project, but that returns me to the point of capital, as those experts want compensation rather than building in the vision of GGN. I've tried negotiating. Still am, but hit the cold reality that motivation is money which we all need and clamor for.

GGNs goal is to be the go to resource for green energy, while being the example of how it is utilized. I.E. discounted or payment resource for solar panels and/ or installation service.

Green hosting services and creating a truly green internet, possibly aligning with Ecosia the green and tree planting search engine, as well as a fully running green datacenter where everything is running on green energy. I know governments have these I even know of a enterprise manufacturer that creates these datacenters for private and military purposes. It be so good to have this implemented in the public sector diminishing our carbon footprint.

See the idea is sound it just needs everyones help to bring it to fruition by pushing it's innovation. GGN needs help as all these steps take time and capital.

This is why my videos, tweets, blogposts and conversations have coined "Support CryptoFightClub, Support your favorite Cryptocurrency, Support what you believe in."

There are many methods to support. Hodling, buying and trading to create volume on exchanges, innovationing ideas or making them better by example, of course donating or creating a donation campaign that creates capital and leading it. Having conversations and truly promoting the project at every opportunity projecting your belief in what the community is doing. As my last video "A conversation with Googoomuck", we pointed out collaboration amongst the communities and developers is needed to harness the success of crypto and it's assimilation, adaptation and adoption as a world currency with dictated value held by us, the indigenous people of our world and not a select few.

We will not get out of world hardships until we focus not on monetary gains, but in the betterment of mankind as a whole. United we stand as a people with an idea that will resolve our world problems, divided we fail as a people who only concern is " what's in it for me."

Your thoughts?

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