Crypto Servers on Discord Difficulties

Ok, the thing is there are a lot of these now. What are these you ask? They are multicurrency rain servers. These have become a dime a dozen on discord. Which I've been seeing a loss in interest from the community.

Coin developers have been chatting that these types of servers have been hurting their efforts because new offerings utilizing payment with their own coins garner no buy-in.

Reasoning discussed has shown a pattern where the community doesn't participate due to the fact they are still getting coins for doing nothing, from raining freely coins. This method of gaining users and movement in these servers is now become old and repetitive as the same coins are circulating across the discord community. This is the reason we now have "Tip Zombies" ( I actually give a definition on an earlier post.

What we developers have been discussing is what more may we offer than just the rains. Now don't get me wrong, these types of servers are needed and if you create one know that you may be inundated with invites and inquiries to join or add different coins to your server as a partnership. Yet, what is really going on is someone trying to steal your community members and bring them onto their own as well as using the diversion to keep them there, by adding new coins, games, and little interaction just by raining. It will get old, especially if you have enough difficulty working your own server and your own project.

What is now beneficial is the limited partnerships, the ones that are exclusive to any given coin server. For instance take CryptoFightClub ( we have true partnerships with SpectreSecurity ( as our coin is utilized for payment of goods and service on their platform, FiberCoin ( and their Exchange as its developer created our beloved GloveCoin and assisted us in a difficult period. Fibercoin (FBC) is an exclusive trading coin and e-asset. There is also Global Green Coin, Smart Crypto Tech, X42, and TextWallet. Each provide a service that makes Glov stronger and in return we rain or participate in tasks they may need done if the skills match. We have more partnerships but each varies and is not inclusive to rains.

So far in my opinion and please remember this whole article is just an opinion as I may be full of it. Everyone has the right to have their own opinion and make up their own mind. The discord servers that offer the best of the multicurrency rains are Rock and Rains ( where for a fee, your server gets a DJ and Rainer to your server to play tunes while raining multiple currencies that have paid to be promoted. It's great as you will get exposure to other servers. The next one is Coin Zone ( this one is my peeps as they offer staking services for many of the aforementioned coins allowing for an earning of those coins. They also offer giveaways and airdrops as well as meticulous record keeping and full interaction from the devs including me. Then there's Fort Knox Extreme ( and Crypto Awareness ( run exclusively by two very savvy and informed developers. Each server has an array of multicurrencies to get in on and collect as well as learn about. Finally there is the InfoCoin ( server who started the multicurrency rains as they aggregated in unison different coins that they are a part of helping each other promoting. Their tried, tested, and proven method has encouraged me to write this article and begin to limit my servers inclusivity to many servers.

The time is now to etch a differentiating factor in this space.

So the question is now asked, "What differentiates your server from the rest?"

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